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Tokicosolarflowmeter.com is part of PT. Badja Abadi Sentosa which was established on March 30, 1989. We are very optimistic about the development of our company. And we have developed our product field to be specialist. For this reason, we are the only Tokico Distributor in Indonesia who is directly appointed by Tokico System Solutions ltd, Japan.

Tokicosolarflowmeter is a solution for our customers / prospective customers in meeting their industrial needs. Tokico flow meters are sought after because of their accuracy which can be up to 0.2%. This flow meter can be used for fluid intake / output. Examples such as from large tanks to storage tanks, from storage tanks to fleet cars. Or input from the fleet to the holding tank.

to be able to directly get information and buy original products that we provide without the need to bother coming to the store or through other online stores.