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Get to know Tokico Solar Flow Meter

Advances in technology today make it easier for humans to carry out daily activities, including mechanical equipment such as meters. The meter for measuring diesel is often called a solar flow meter. Flow meters have been produced since 2010 and have received ISO and CE (Europe Certified) certifications.


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Now, this flow meter product has been distributed all over the world, from Asia to Europe. The flow meter brand that is usually used is the Tokico flow meter with the MD meter type, this is because the level of accuracy is more reliable and accurate.


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The price is also affordable compared to other brands and also has a much superior quality. Starting from the size of inch to 6. The flow meter used for diesel is the Tokico solar flow meter, the following is an explanation of the tool:


1. Flow meters have many sizes and are accurate

Tokico solar flow meters have many sizes, from inch to 8 inch at 0.5% accuracy for flow meter digital type.


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In addition, mechanical versions are available, ranging from 1 inch to 6 inch sizes with varying accuracy from 1% to 0.05% at various prices according to your needs. By developing a good level of accuracy, of course you don't have to worry if there are inaccuracies/errors in refueling. For example, if the meter you are currently using has a maximum error rate of 0.5% each time you fill 1000 liters, you can lose as much as 5 m miter according to its accuracy.


2. Digital and analog versions of flow meters


The flow meter for diesel has an optional counter that is tailored to your needs. For example, the FCT type flow meter can be connected to a laptop via an RS485 cable, so that the data flow can be read via a PC/laptop to facilitate data recording. In addition, the flow meter is also available in a mechanical version, you can directly read the flow meter from the meter counter. Both have different types of counters, digital counters can be directly connected to a PC as well as thermal printing, while the analog version can be connected using preset counters, manual printers, and valves. Valves and preset counters serve as indicators for each fueling. For example, you want to measure 1000 liters of diesel, you can set 1000 liters on the preset counter feature and when the number starts to approach 1000 liters, the valve functions to close the flow that enters the meter automatically.


3. Can be connected with other accessories

Each meter can be connected to a variety of other accessories including tokico solar flow meters, such as air eliminators and filters. The function of the filter is to prevent dirt from entering the inside of the rotor shaft because it can cause congestion and damage to the rotor. While the air eliminator functions to remove the false wind that allows it to enter the meter.