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16 June 2022 Tokico Flow Meter

Tokico Flow Meter Reset : The Importance of Calibration

The Tokico flow meter is a measuring tool that is familiar to some people, especially those who work in the building construction sector. In general, this tool is divided into two types, namely Tokico reset flow meters and non-reset flow meters.


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The two types have different ways of working, where tokico non-resets cannot return the calculation to 0, while resets can return the calculation to 0. Both are sold at varying prices. If you want to use a small scale, maybe you can use the non-reset type because the price is more affordable.


Tokico Flow Meter Functions


Tokico flow meters are most often used for industrial plant purposes (mining, generator fueling, and many more). The need for these tools is quite important, considering that water, gas, and liquids are needed in everyday life. This Japanese brand is very well known in Indonesia. Because, the price is affordable, the shape is ergonomic, and has been trusted by various large-scale projects.


Why Do You Need to Calibrate a Flow Meter?


As an instrument in general, the flow meter used for a certain period of time may experience a shift from the measurement results. Why? Because, it can be caused by environmental conditions and time. Therefore, flow meter calibration must be carried out periodically within a certain period of time and must be carried out in the right way.


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The existence of a flow meter calibration or flow meter parameter setting aims to confirm and restore shifts or deviations from flow meter accuracy readings. The existence of deviations and shifts in results can have a negative impact on product quality, process, material stock, and production costs. The flow meter calibration method is generally carried out through a verification process, namely comparing it with a standard flow meter.


What are the Benefits of Flow Meter Calibration?



After knowing the importance of calibrating the Tokico flow meter reset. There are also benefits that can be obtained, namely being able to detect deviations in measuring instruments, being able to guarantee results from reading measurement tools, maintaining the quality of the process and process results, to supporting the quality application system (ISO).


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There are also two results that will be obtained after calibrating the flow meter, including the correction factor and uncertainty in the measurement results. For the correction factor will generally show the closeness of the number as a result of calibration. Later, it will be used as a correction factor for the reading of the flow meter results. If the reading of the measurement results is in the correction range, it can be stated that the value is correct.

Each flow meter which is generally used in various industries has its own type and function. This will be adjusted to the type of fluid, the level of accuracy, to the installation system. I think that's brief information about Tokico flow meter reset and the importance of periodic calibration.